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Conference guide

  • Complete Conference Guide: A full summary of conference materials. » PDF

  • Delivering the next American economy: An overview of how major American cities and metro areas can lead the transformation of the country’s economy. » PDF

  • Global MetroMonitor summary: Discussion on the findings of the Global MetroMonitor. » PDF

    • Metropolitan business planning in three US regions: An introduction to the business plans of Seattle-Puget Sound, Cleveland-Northeast Ohio and Minneapolis-St. Paul. » PDF

    • Seattle-Puget Sound profile. » PDF

    • Cleveland-Northeast Ohio profile. » PDF

    • Minneapolis-St. Paul profile. » PDF

Global MetroMonitor

  • An analysis of international metropolitan economic performance before, during, and after the recent recession, profiling 150 metropolitan economies. » PDF

Metropolitan business plans

  • Framing document: introducing the concept of metropolitan business planning and describing how three very different regions—Northeast Ohio, Minneapolis-Saint Paul, and Puget Sound—are currently piloting the process. » PDF

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